Janod Mint Scooter

Balance Bikes Janod Mint Scooter

The bike's balance from Janod Scooter makes your child look more stylish and trendy, in addition to preparing children for their future two-wheeled adventure on the bike.

The Janod Scooter combines a classic retro design with a modern style to create a sturdy toy for your child to ride. At their own pace, they can build confidence and get away from walking the bike to actually drive it. When it's time to ride a bike, you can pass the exercise wheel because the kids have mastered the difficult, balanced part

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Janod Mint Scooter Stylish, retro, wooden balance bike, Helps boys and girls learn balance and coordination
Janod Mint Scooter Adjustable seat to remain comfortable as your child grows
Colored Wooden Scooter
Janod Mint Scooter inflatable tires
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