URB-E Electric Folding Scooter

URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter

If you want to have a vehicle that can make the trip easier. You may consider having URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter. URB-E Electric Folding Scooter future transportation, compact foldable with an electric engine. URB-E is a leader in portable transport, Created and designed by Grant Delgatty, award-winning industrial designers, and engineered by Sven Etzelsberger, former lead engineer at Porsche, URB-E has been unparalleled US made quality and attention to detail.

URB-E Electric Folding Scooter 100% Built in America. Designed and assembled in Pasadena, California
URB-E Black Label Electric Folding Scooter 20 mile range and a top speed of 15mph
URB-E Scooter built using genuine carbon fiber and American aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum
URB-E Folding Scooter, incredibly lightweight (35 lbs) and durable, with a patented folding design
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