CUJO Smart Internet Security

CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall

Use CUJO to protect your smart device. CUJO secure from cyber criminals by connecting to a wireless router or modem and control it with an iPhone or Android app. Cujo an easy way to control the smart device from viruses.

Safeguard your family with CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall to protect your network from viruses and hacking, if your internet connection is not secure; A hacker can gain access to your smart home by damaging your WiFi router, smartphone hacking, or to plant malicious malware in the IOT. Also, Parental Controls feature that comes later in the spring of 2016. See video below.

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CUJO smart firewall brings business-level Internet security to protect all of your home devices
Internet Security: Guard your network and smart devices against hacks, malware, and cyber threats
Mobile App: Monitor your wired and wireless network activity with a sleek iPhone or Android app
CUJO connects to your wireless router with an ethernet cable
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