BERG Buzzy Nitro

Gokart - Pedal-Gokart Buzzy Nitro BERG toys by BERG

Want to give a special Christmas gift for your kids, Here spectacular off-road BERG Buzzy Nitro by BERG toys. New Buzzy Nitro go-kart can be driven forwards and backwards, ideal for helping younger children learn to pedal. This special go-kart can adjustable seat, steering for perfectly to your child height.

Buy now to give a surprise at Christmas this year at Shopping Mall. BERG products are of excellent quality and represents quality and safety! Playing outdoors without a care in the world

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This go-kart is equipped with whisper-quiet EVA tyres
this go-kart is also suitable for indoor use
With the adjustable saddle this Go-kart will grow with you
Adjust the steering perfectly to your height
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